Crab and Cheddar Baked Wonton Purses

A crowd-pleasing rich appetizer that looks impressive yet is very easy and requires only 6 everyday ingredients! Baked wonton purses full of crab and cheddar cheese goodness. The perfect fast finger food recipe!

Total Time : 27 minutes

1.5 Pounds Crab Meat {packaged imitation or real fresh crab meat}
4 Cups Shredded Mild Cheddar Cheese
2 Cups Mayonnaise
1/2 Medium Yellow or White Onion {whichever you prefer}
1 6 oz. can of Black Olives
1 12 oz. package {apx. 48 pieces} Wonton Wrappers {usually found in the produce section of any grocery store}
Crab and Cheddar Won Ton Purses Appetizer Easy Recipe - Yummy Bitesized Crowd-Pleasers - Perfect for any celebration

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